How to get an EIN, Step by Step Instructions.

How To Get An EIN – A Comprehensive Guide For Success

Over the years, a handful of companies have managed to gain enormous success in the United States. In order for these companies to achieve their goals, they first needed to go through the lengthy process of gaining their Employer Identification Number. so they asked how to get an EIN.

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Once the company has managed to obtain this number, they’ll be able to benefit in a variety of different ways. Of course, some entities are required by law to obtain an EIN. Within this guide, you will learn precisely how to get an EIN, so you can begin doing business, without further concerns.

What Is An EIN?

First and foremost, you should take the time to familiarize yourself with the EIN. What is the number and what is its purpose? As mentioned above, the EIN is an abbreviation for Employer Identification Number. As the name suggests, the number is used by the Internal Revenue Service to help them identify an employer. Of course, employers aren’t the only entities, which can obtain an EIN. Also, LLCs and non-profit organizations can also obtain an EIN.

The Purpose

Now, you should take the time to learn about the benefits of obtain an EIN. Once you’ve done so, you will be able to figure out, whether or not you want one for yourself. Generally, the number is only used for tax purposes. However, it can also be used for a handful of beneficial activities.  For instance, you can use the figure, as a way to open a separate banking account for your company or business activities. This makes it much easier to keep your business activities separated from your personal finances.

how to get an ein

Beginning The Process

Once you’ve decided that you’re interested in obtaining an EIN, you should learn how to begin the process. In order to do so, you will first need to obtain the SS-4 Form. This is the application form, which is used for this specific purpose. The easiest way to obtain the form is to head directly to the IRS’s official website. By searching their site, you will be able to access, download and print the application.

Completing The Form

Now that you’ve got the form in your possession, you will want to complete it. The good news is that the form only asks for information, which should already be known to you. For instance, it will require you to fill out information regarding you and your business. The information is very basic and the form shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete. Be sure to take your time though, because you want to be very cautious of errors, which could prolong the process.

Submit It

Once you have the completed form in your possession, you will want to hand it over to the IRS, as quickly as possible. During this step, you will have a handful of options at your disposal. You can submit the form through email, fax or in person. If you would prefer to have this process carried out for you, it may be wise to make contact with one of the third-party companies, which specialize in this specific activity. They’ll be able to help you obtain your EIN quicker and without difficulty.

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