Alternative Roofing Systems for Your Home

There are lots of options for you when you choose to buy a new roof. The question is which option is right for you. Should you stick to the same material, or should you go for something different? There are newer systems available which might be better suited to your budget and to your home’s overall energy efficiency.

A New Alternative For Roofs

Solar shingles are a new alternative for roofs. These combine roof materials with solar panels to create a great way to make use of solar energy and get the reliability of roof shingles in one product. The shingles give you durable protection from environmental elements as ordinary shingles but the solar panel components help power your home.

Another type of affordable roofing services are made from single-ply thermosets or thermoplastics. These materials are both resistant to UV radiation and are extremely flexible. Both are made from plastic-based materials and are resistant to chemicals, too.

These are excellent alternative options for commercial buildings but some residences that are being built with the latest in ecological resources can also benefit from these materials. Thermoplastic roof materials specifically are considered green materials because they reflect UV rays off the building allowing less air conditioning to be needed indoors.

Standing Seen Roof Pannel

Another type of alternative is the standing seam roof panel. This panel is great for slopes and lets the designer construct the roof based on different radius profiles. This is a metal roofing which is extremely durable and affordable. While many homeowners may not think of metal as being a good material for a home, these roofs come in a variety of textures and colors. Metal gives a home a sleek look that still comes off as traditional depending on the style and slope.

These panels have to be installed sequentially on a particular underlayment. Your roofer can explain this more in detail to you. When you think that an alternative choice is right for you, your roofer will discuss which one is best based on your home’s design, your budget, and the weather your home is typically exposed to. You will also be told what to expect in order to maintain your new roof.

Decide how much you want to budget for your roof. If you do not want to have another new roof installed that is made of the same materials as your existing roof, you could save money on alternative ones. This is because while they may cost more initially in some instances, they have the ability to save you hundreds of dollars on electricity or air conditioning and heating.

Additionally, you will be doing something good for the environment by getting an alternative roof. Solar panel roofs are an excellent choice if you are shopping for something new. You can get the power of the sun in your new roof so you effectively can invest in two systems for your home instead of just one new roof. Talk to your roofing contractor today about the options that are available for you.