How To Order A Duplicate Of Your Social Security Card

Perhaps you’ve lost your social security card or washed it, or some other form of mishap. Regardless, you need a duplicate of your social security card. Start by going to their website and printing out the form for a copy of your social security card.

Get Your New Card

Fill this form out completely and then you’re going to have some required documentation to prove who you are and get your new card. This documentation can be your driver’s license or your state Identification card.

You can also use a birth certificate, passport or another form of identification

The Social Security Administration is going to require the original copy of your documentation. This is where many people begin to panic. Don’t worry, they are excellent at returning the original copy to you.

You can also go to the nearest Social Security office and show them the original documentation if you prefer. Regardless of how you choose to do it, you’re going to get your original copies back.

After they’ve received your documentation and request form filled out in full and signed, they will process your request. This may take several weeks. While you wait you can let potential employer’s know that you have applied for it and what the number is. You can show them the document as soon as it arrives in the mail.

Reorder Your Social Security Card Information

There is no charge for you to reorder a copy of your social security card. You’re allowed to change your name as many as three times in one year. A name change will require a form and a copy of the court order changing your name. This could be an adoption certificate, a court order changing your name for personal reasons, a divorce decree or your marriage certificate.

There are few times that you’ll have to show your actual social security card, however, the number you’re assigned is going to follow you for life. It will be used to identify who you are for medical procedures, credit, home ownership, car ownership and more.

It’s wise to memorize your social security number and keep your card in a safe location so that you don’t lose it or have it stolen. Identity theft is a serious crime and can cost people hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most people who have an identity theft have their social security card number stolen.

Duplicate cards are readily available as long as you can prove who you are and verify the information that the social security administration requires. It will take approximately 3 to 6 weeks to get your duplicate card.

Copies of your documentation aren’t accepted by the Social Security Administration. You’ll have to have your original driver’s license, court orders, birth certificate (certified) or other documentation. There are many forms that you can print out on their website and the directions to do what you need to do are right there alongside the forms that are required to order a new duplicate copy of your card. For more information visit